Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I’m here!

See, I told you I wasn’t much of a blogger..

Since I have last posted, Lots of things have been going on!.. I was accepted at an awesome site as a designer, . I have also been accepted as a designer at another site that will be doing a launch with me as their only digital designer!! Cant wait to see how that turns out.. I have ALSO registered for a class at a local college, for wesbite specialist. This will teach me everything I will need to know about building sites and all other sorts of things. Not sure what I am getting myself into there.. LOL It will take me 5 quarters to complete.. Seems like forever in a day. But, since I already know tons about it, the first half shouldn’t be so hard, right? Hopefully in the next couple of years we will get to move closer to a school, so I can take classes on what I really want to do.. Massage Therapist.. ahhh, to only dream.. They dont have one close enough to me where I live, to attend. Oh well.. I will take what I can get! My jewelry business is exploding!!!! I hardly have any time in the day to focus on my digital creativity. I cant complain though. Money is money, no matter where it is coming from.. Not complaining there, either.. I have 2 jewelry shops that is currently carrying my designs in their shops…
So that is basically where I am hiding.. Hope to blog again soon!!

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