Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well 3 quarters later!!

Gosh, the time has flew by!. I finished my 3rd quarter of college, before Christmas. (One more class to take) Then Christmas came!.. UGHH!!. Did anyone out there get anything they wanted?. I purchased my own gift from my husband.. hehe .. He did the same

So, what have I been up t0 lately? I have been busy making bow cards for my bowmaking friends. I have also started on making ebay auction templates!! They are so much fun to make.. Here are some of those items: .. Just had a great sale end on my bracelets. If you didnt get a chance to pick up one of the bracelets for 10.00, maybe you can catch a sale like that the next time around?.. I would suggest keeping your eyes peeled for mothers day!!

I am SOOO glad the kids started back to school!! I now have time to start back to work! I just created a great jewelry set for a giveaway at an upcoming event at one of the digital sites.. Cant tell you which one.. I am sure it will be posted soon!! I will post info when I get the go ahead

Oh yeah, I had to go to the dentist today.. I havent been in 6 YEARS!! go figure.. Being self-employed means insurance is soooo extremely expensive for us to buy. So whenever we need to go to the Doc for anything, we pay cash. Hubby has checked into so many insurance plans.. Its so not funny. Almost as cheap to just go ahead and pay for it yourself.. LOL N-E-ways.. I had 6 cavaties!!.. But all in all, my teeth are fine.. I will have to go back next week to have them taken care of.. Oh well. So’s Life!

Take Care Friends!

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