Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Chloe photo shoot

Wow.. I just finished a shoot with this family!! This is my cousin Patrick and his beautiful wife (Rebecca) and daughter (Chloe). This little girl was EXTREMELY co-operative. Her dad was hilarious! I wonder what people would have thought of him in any other place! I know him, so it wasn’t so bad.. The thing that was so funny, is the way he tried to get baby chloe to laugh or smile.. He was jumping and screaming like a CRAZY person.. Seriously!! Wish I would have brought a video camera!

Anyways, Baby chloe has the most beautiful eyes.. They are so big and a gorgeous blue!! She has the most gorgeous strawberry blonde hair! Just a little doll baby!! Wouldn’t you agree?

After all that was said and done, I created them a Valentine Day card to go along with the photos!!

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