Monday, February 4, 2008

wow life flies when you’re not paying attention

ok.. I have been playing around with all the settings and stuff with my equipment and camera and I think I have came up with some pretty good shots.. You can see below:

She is such a character!.. Most of the time, the way I tell her to stand, she usually comes up with something I like better .. I think my focus on photography has paid off a little more.. Just look at this shot we got the other day while we were waiting on some clients for photos!

I really enjoy watching my little girl grow.. I really wish I had the convienances back then, as I do now.. I would have take tons more photos of my 2 oldest boys.. They have grown so much. Right now my middle child T hates taking photos, while my oldest, it doesnt bother him.. He’s more than willing to “strike a pose”.

Here are some others that I have recently edited:

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