Saturday, June 28, 2008

just an update for the summer

It has been a while since I have posted anything.. Thought I would give an update. First things first.. My 2 boys FINALLY got a “real” haircut.. No more long shag. There for a while, I thought I was raising 3 girls! Anyways… Harley lost her first 3 teeth.

She fell on her chair in her room, last Thursday night. We rushed her to the ER and they told us that she looked ok, but needed to go to her dentist. So I took her for an emergency appointment last Friday. The dentist told us she needed to pull them. You should have seen the shock and horror on Harley’s little face!! She looked at me saying with her eyes, “Momma you said they weren’t going to pull them!” Needless to say, they scheduled her for this past Monday and had the 3 front ones pulled. The good thing is that her permanent teeth have already started making there way down, and will probably be peeking out in a little over a year Here she is:

(hehe, she looks so goofy.. I sing goofy goober to her alot now.. If you dont watch spongebob squarepants, then you have no idea what song I am talking about.. But believe me… Its fits.. LOL)

Here are some of my latest clothing creations I made:

She has done quite a few photoshoots for designers lately but I havent had time to even think about posting any of them.. You can check our gallery on my website: . I put all of them there. Haven’t updated it in while with all the newest stuff she modeled. Maybe my next post won’t be so far apart. Until next time

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