Sunday, June 28, 2009

We went seineing!!

I got this crazy idea to purchase a seine and spend some family time with my sister and her kids along with my family. We loaded the coolers and the families and headed to Jeykll Island. We rented a condo on the beach. It was 2 bedrooms with a full kitchen, full bath and 1/2 bath. It still wasnt enough room for the 10 of us!! The adults slept upstairs in the bedrooms and the kids slept on the couch, floor, and cot. Well, needless to say, some of us got on each other’s nerves as the day went on. But all in all we had an AMAZING time. We caught quite a bit of shrimp for out first time.. It was exciting. We now know the do’s and dont’s for next time. What was the one thing we could have done differently, you ask? DELEGATION!!! We were all sratching our heads pretty much!! . We finally got the hang of it though. Here are some photos from the day:

This is all of the kids taking a walk on the beach

Now, out of all these, who do you think was the most unco-operative?

Now these two are inseperable! This is my middle son and oldest neice.

This is my oldest son and daughter. She loves her “bubby”

This is me and my sis (I'm on the left)

My 2 eldest waiting for the football..

Now what do you think this conversation is about. hmm

This was the seine we got

This was my half of the “catch.” This is the top of the cooler.. They are a bit deeper in the cooler as well!!

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