Monday, September 21, 2009


Ok.. It all started a typical day.. I decided I wanted to start on making this chicken feeder that was shown on a website that I frequently visit. I purchase the materials needed. DH brought home his die grinder tool that he uses a lot at work. Anyways, I proceed to cut the pvc with it.. Next think I know, something comes up and hits me in the head.. I knew I was hurt.. I just didn't know how bad.. I grabbed my forehead and saw blood pouring out of my hands!! Literally!! Pouring!! So I fall to the ground and scream, I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL.. I couldn't see out my right eye!.. I thought it had got my eye as well.. Come to find out, it was only filled with blood..
Hubby panicked! He left me on the ground outside to get keys and to tell the kids where we were going. The blood was still pouring out of my hand. I made it in the house to grab a towel from the bathroom to press against my head. Hubby is so shaken he has to get my middle child to unlock the truck doors. He tells me to get in, but I couldn't get my legs to work.. They were so wobbly. So he runs around to the side of the truck and puts me in the truck. We race to the hospital.. I guess its a good thing that I grabbed a BIG towel, otherwise I might have had a heart attack before we got to the hospital.. He almost slung me in the floor board from slamming on brakes.. LOL
SO we get to the hospital and they take us right back. They did a scan of my head and told me that they had to call a surgeon on to take a look at it.. They told me it cut down to the bone and that a piece of the blade was lodged in my head!! I started to freak again!! Meanwhile they gave me some morphine for pain and a tetanus shot. ( I haven't had one in probably 20 years). Anyways.. So we wait on the surgeon to get there. When he arrives he's thinking we need to go to the OR.. OMG!! SURGERY!! He says if I think I could stand the pain, he could just give me locals.. Ok, so locals it is.. Oh my ever loving GOD!! Let me tell ya.. Even though we saved 3000. for the OR, it would have probably been worth every penny! It hurt like HELL!!
Well he stitched me up, with the stitching being on the inside. I am so worried about scarring!.. He says it will be very minimal scarring since he stitched it this way.. Although this doesn't make me feel better.. So do you want to see??

This is the before with it all split open: (this is from DH's cell phone)

This is todays visit after the bandages:

I didn't realize until today, that it cut me twice! I can also see that it came within 1/4" of cutting my eye!! Oh how lucky I was!!!

Wanna see what I was trying to make?.. LOL


  1. You poor thing,You are a tough cookie!! I would have said,"knock me out 1st"...Medically speaking,it does look very good and the Doc did a great job.Let it heal...patience..I know thats tough.Get the 100 % cocoa butter and apply every time you think of it...After it is completely healed..Do the neosporin when the doc gives the ok.i will keep you in our prayers.You did have your guardian angel watching over you,thats for sure. Chickon baby

  2. Ohmigosh! Talk about chicken costs!

  3. curious, why were you using a grinding tool? i'm assuming you're talking about one of those 1/8th" thick discs made out of abrasives or the woven material. If you were it would not be surprising at all for it to kick back and hit you in the face. sorry you're hurt but.....proper tools....

  4. I can't believe I missed this (my husband had his birthday over the weekend so we were away). I am soooooo sorry! Please take care of yourself and getting better soon. And don't worry about your girls, they can go without a handmade feeder... mine eat out of old ferret feed bowls!!