Saturday, March 24, 2007

So how does it Look?

Well, after a bucket of sweat and a bottle of tears and many hours later, this is what I finally came up with. Is it springy/summery enough? I just love these vibrant colors. Makes me feel all happy inside. haha.. no really :)

Well today DH decides he wants to bury this wire coming from our hot tub. Oh what a mess.. We have had the wire running along side the sidewalk/patio by the hot tub for 2 years? Well, every since we got the hot tub anyways.. I guess he got tired of the soreness on the eyes everytime we had to look at it... Thank GOD I didnt have to be the one that got tired of looking at it first.. No tellings what kind of payment he would have expected if I would have had to ask him to do it *wink*.

After about 5 hours later, the wire is finally buried and most of the junk is cleaned up!! Wish I would have thought to take photos of the mess earlier. He is in spring cleaning mode.. Getting the pool ready, pulling the weeds around the pool area, burying wires.. ummm I' sure there's more he is doing that I don't see.. Soon this area will be a backyard wonderland again.. oh to smell the Bar-B-Q this summer and relaxing by the pool, soaking up the sun.. Pure splendor!!

So, you tell me, Would you cringe at the site of this walking out your back door? Oh believe me!! You would when you have a 4 YO little girl who blatantly diregards the very thought or idea, that she is REQUIRED to do anything, let alone brush her feet before she comes in. So, maybe I should have taken a photo of my dirty enrty way while I was snapping picture? *SMILE* .. So in regards to how my day has started off.. Well YOU be the judge of that!

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