Friday, January 15, 2010

Restaurant Review: Dicks Wing's & Grill in Waycross, Ga

A little history first.. This place was just recently bought out by Donna Dixon. She cleaned house. There is an entirely new staff, right down to the cooks!
Here is the location information:
2470 Memorial Dr.
Waycross, GA

First let me apologize for the crappy photos. A new cell phone is in my very new future!!
Anyways, so me and my daughter went shopping in Waycross on Friday afternoon. I REALLY wanted something different. I wanted to try somewhere I have never been. So I figured I would give this place a try. This is the first thing you see on your left when you walk in the door.

The eating area is like one big open room! They have games to play that are lined along the left side of the room. The bar is in the back.
So we are seated and I notice the condiment holders on the table:

It is a Budweiser 4 pack bottle holder. The Corona beer bottles are actually salt and pepper shakers.. LOL.. Well now that's original.
It didn't take long for our orders to be taken. The guy brings us our drinks, without straws! Mind you, my daughter has a to-go cup with a lid. So after about 5 minutes we get straws. She has been sipping on my drink while the guy went to get her straw. Seriously, this guy has passed by our table at least 3 times by then!!
So we both ordered: 8 oz WELL DONE ribeye steak with a side, & bread. 12.99

On a scale from 1 - 10:
Potato salad 4
Salad 4
Steaks 5.5

Overall food quality, I give this place 2 stars out of 5

Now the service is a totally different ball game. The waiter was nice enough. He just didnt act like he was working with a full deck.. I mean.. My steaks got brought out without a fork.. What?? Was I suppose to hold it with my fingers while I cut it up? Seriously took this guy 5 minutes to bring me a fork!!!!! My steak was cold by that time.. Not to mention the straw thing. He took away plates from another table, added up someone else's bill and took it to them while counting back the change, BEFORE he even went to go get my dang fork!! I was pissed.. What an idiot!!!! He only had 2 other tables to wait on.. Come on!!!

I wouldnt recommend this place until they get their stuff together. Hire more competant staff for Friday afternoon crowds!.

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