Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grab and Go Fruit jars for babygirls lunch box

Sorry for the horrible photo, but I already put my phone on
charge so I just used the computers' camera.
Babygirl has started taking her lunch to school, so I have been coming up with faster ways to pack her easy grab portions so she can choose what she wants. As you can see I have prepared them in glass jelly ball jars. I have become more interested in becoming greener and healthier eating so I asked, "THE GOOGLE", what the best methods for storing foods {that pass all food safety regulations} in the fridge would be. I began coming across posts say you can use mason jars for all kinds of different things. You can even freeze them! I cant wait to see how the food will taste after they have thawed in the jar. "the experts" say you shouldn't shock the glass by heating it in the microwave while frozen. Recommendations are that you pull it out the night before or (if your forgetful or a spur of the moment type person like me) You can allow it to thaw by letting it sit in a warm bath. Sounds easy enough! But as I've said many times before, Do your own research and do what you feel is best for you and your family. This is the method I will be trying since I love my glass canning jars! It doesn't hurt that I have a plethora of them either!!
So there you go! A GREENER, more healthier snack food alternative.
p.s. I definitely will be purchasing more of the plastic lids for these because they are freezer safe as well.. I just question using the jars with the metal lids, inside a freezer. I wont go into detail why I feel this way.. :)
The best thing about this recipe is you can adapt it to your liking! This is just the fresh fruit we had on hand.. We had apples but I don't like how they turn brown after I cut them.
You could also serve your favorite cream cheese fruit dip or favorite yogurt. Spoon small portions on top of fruit and give the jar a good shake! EnJoy!
1/2 CAN OF PINEAPPLE {save the remaining pineapple and juice for smoothies!}

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